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Well I am a pretty intelligent chad. If you’ve been around for long. But what is it that makes us intelligent and how do we ‘intelligent’ people cope with our daily problems. How does it differ say, from people of those which are of more average intelligence?


Usually when we are presented with problems of any kind one of the very first things we try to comprehend is what type of a answer the problem is asking for. Then we will continue with creating a framework for solving that problem. We will try to see it from several perspectives. Due to that we can get a better comprehension in smaller scale most of the time but sometimes even a larger scale can put more things into perspective.

How does this differ from average people?
Well they can get so intimidated by the problem that they will start degrading theirselves; thinking that they’re not capabe of solving the said problem which then causes them to either stop caring, trying, or focusing completly. It will resort them for asking help or potentially just giving up.

This applies for both exams, tests, quizzes but also those questions which the teacher asks in class for repetition.

Sometimes we can be much lazier than the other students, and at other times we can work harder than any other this is due to the factor of curiosity and interest.
We all have our own methods of coping with stress. Some which are naturally bad for our psyche and body. Other ones, not so bad.

Things that do not stimulate us, make us not stimulate them.
Opposed to the things that do stimulate us, make us stimulate them.


Usually when we get the possibility to try to become part of something, we try to be as descriptive of ourselves as we can and what we want to accomplish if we would be in the position (of power)

But for more average people, they usually think less of themselves and try to prove theirselves potentially either extensively less or more worthy than they actually are. It’s important to be realistic but your outlook shouldn’t be too negative or positive.


Our parents are usually those that are a big determining factor for our outlook of life due to one of their most important tasks is to give us a good home enviroment to grow up in. That’s why if we ever have any issues with them try to deal with them as swiftly and neatly as possible.
If it’s a mistake on our or their part.

Opposed to others who can have severe outbreaks of anger or sadness when dealing with their parents. They usually have a harder time of handling their emotions unless they have a system in place against it.
They can use the ‘silent treatment’ method or worse methods to get their parents on their side via manipulation.

Social Relations

Some of us are better of with little to no friends at all, others with a larger friendbase due to the knowledge that we potentially can get from them.
We value them as much as our closest relatives. We appreciate them for appreciating us. They really make us shine like the bright lamps we are.

Opposed to more average people, they more likely value their friends for being somebody they can rely on or just spend time with because they have much more free time or possibly less things to do in the end that actually matter personally for them.

If you really want to specialize or become a top of the notch in the field or activity you’re in you’re most likely to abandon most friends and family for the added benefit of focus and less problems on the personal front.
Which always isn’t that great but most of the time that’s how it is.


When we work in groups we usually try to listen actively and try to make sense of that what is said to us, then when the moment arises we engange ourselves by contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Opposed to those who think that their opinion is all what matters, the type of people who are full of theirselves. They want to prove that they’re right even when they’re wrong. When they’re clearly in the losing situation.
Sometimes if they’re very bad they will not even listen to your opinions and thoughts which is one of the most insulting things to do, not saying that all people do this but that there can be people who do.


Some of us have either a very positive or depressive outlook on life. We know more than not what we want from the people around us or from the things that were are trying to achieve in our work. Sometimes we can feel lost, we all do sometimes. But we come to a realization if we’re healthy that what ever has happend or will happen doesn’t bear resemblance or atleast doesn’t matter as much as we think it does in reality.

Opposed to thoser who thing that everything they do is equally important or that their whole world is gonna fall because of some misachievement or in other words of a failure of a sort.

But there’s no total failure. The total failure is when you start trying to not be a failure. These people focus too much on what is asked fo themselves and they try to achieve it, yet many times without any real driving force. A sort of motivation that comes from our most inner passions.


We are not better than those which seem to be below us. Those who seem to be below us can be above us in some aspects that we don’t know or have yet realized. It’s amazing how different we are. That’s what makes us special as human beings.

You can be good in something that I am not necessarily good at whilist I can be good at something which you might not be just as good as I am.

It is one thing of many things which we must learn to accept.

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